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Easter: Let’s reunite for a better society, Nigeria at large – Rev. Zaka



The acting head of department, public theology department in the theological college of northern Nigeria, Plateau state, Reverend Zaka Peter Phd, has called on Nigerians to be united in peace and nation building activities. He also asked the public to embrace dialogue as even the Almighty ask us to dialogue with Him, seeking for direction, blessings and support.

Zaka said “God who created as differently with our colours, tribes, likes, dislikes, knows of our wickedness and so decided to seek a way to reconcile men.

This He achieved by sending His only begotten Son to carry out this work of reconciliation which led to his death and resurrection which we are celebrating in this season.

I get worried when people go against God by destroying His creatures in the name of fighting for or defending God. Hid does nor need any of us to fight for Him. Why the killings? why the maiming? why the reprisal attacks? why the discrimination? why the evil against one another? why the hatred?.

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Love, compassion and mercy led God to do all these for us. But we can’t be patient with one another. We go on destroying one another. The love God has shown us and is still showing us should be extended to all human beings. He let his sun, moon, rain, and all blessings of nature to reach and be shed to all. He chooses what to do with everyone of us. We have our conscience and we all know we shall give account of our stewardship and life to God, why living and behaving like God over His creatures?.

We need to shelve all these differences, all build on the comm on things that binds he together, seek for ways for peaceful coexistence, eschew all bitterness, political differences, religious acrimony and other issues that further divides us. I call on all and sundry to be united in peace and nation building activities. Embrace dialogue as even the Almighty ask us to dialogue with Him, seeking for direction, blessings, support, etc.

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What have we achieved by our recent acts of killing, and hatred, we detest one another, and see how we are living in retrogression daily. The love of God  is what we are celebrating, let it move us to reconcile with one another.  Enough of all these evil and inhumane treatment we are meting against one another.

Let’s reunite for a better society and Nigeria at large”.

Rev. Zaka Peter PhD, is a fellow of King Abdallah Bin Abdulazeez International Centre for Inter-religious and Intercultural Dialogue Centre based in Vienna, Austria. A Pastor with the United Missionary Church of Africa, former Kebbi District Superintendent and a former Chairman, Kebbi State Christian Association of Nigeria.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Cecelia

    April 20, 2019 at 7:48 am

    Nice one sir, may God almighty continue to be with u and help us in this country Nigeria ijn Amen

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