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Zuru, Kebbi politics and the way forward – Bamayi An’Iko Dabai



Dear Zuru People And People of Zuru. Christians, Muslims, “Yangargajiya” and Pagans alike.

During election season we were busy in our Mosques, churches, and in our houses as well as other Majalisas and sundry venues. Discussing how to politically outsmart and maneuver one another using either religion or tribe as means or  justification for our sinister plots against each other.

Before elections, we were together facing the same challenges together, we were discussing and hoping respite together.

We use the same bad roads, our children attend the same dilapidated schools.
We share same bad hospitals, poorly staffed. Christians and Muslims die on these facilities without discrimination.

All of us are treated with disdain in the corridors of power. We all suffer discrimination in gaining admissions and appointments in our state of origin. A state in which we are the most functional, hardworking, punctual and dedicated workforce.

During elections which is an opportunity for us to come together and demand for our rightful placement, we were too busy exchanging insults and blackmails against one another using our centers of worship, the new or mainstream media. Why not use our churches, mosques and new found media prowess to inform our people about how they have been shortchanged and what to do in order to end this abuse.

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Why not use these platforms to educate and inspire our people to seek good governance?  Why must we elect them first, before we can tell them the Truth? Why do our youths and some elders, collude with some strange forces to betray our struggles in exchange of peanuts and mortgage our destiny as a community? Can’t we be ashamed of ourselves, that we are still poor?.

What have we benefited in maintaining the status quo? Apart from harming our communities and failing infrastructure, have our tribal and religious sentiments decrease the number of churches or mosques or these faith adherents? Why are we afraid of our own shadows? Why are some of us not happy to see other tribes succeeding in our land while we celebrate the successes of our sons and daughters in other lands? Why it is that we only see the resurgence of this hatred during electioneering year?

After elections we will still come back as Muslims, Christians and traditionalists to use same bad roads, decayed schools, poor hospitals, constant power shortage and embarrassing unemployment.

Funny enough, we will go back to same places where we sat and plot against one another to be complaining of bad governance. When the season comes again, and another opportunity present itself, we will still repeat same mistakes.

Blame yourselves for your woes. Our leaders share less blame in this. We designed our misfortunes. As long as we refused to learn and change our ways, we deserve our misery people of Zuruland.

May God bless Zuru land and people of Zuru.

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Article By Bamayi An’iko Dabai

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